Some of the recent FinTech articles we love

Big Banks and Startups: A Marriage of Necessity

Suresh Kumar, CIO of BNY Mellon, argues for collaboration between the old guard and scrappy financial-technology companies

THE PAST FEW YEARS HAVE shown the tremendous potential for new technology…

Banks face choice to collaborate or compete as fintech disruption hots up

Up to $1 trillion in profits is in play as the world’s banks battle to fend off competition from as many as 12,000 fintech startups globally, according to a report by McKinsey.

McKinsey warns that as much as 60% of bank profits…

Will Fintech Upstarts Do To Banks What Uber Has Done To Taxis -- Or Will Banks Win?

For better or worse, the meteoric rise of ride-hailing giant Uber has become shorthand for startup success in America. Beyond the meme’ed and mocked “it’s Uber for X” description…

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