We help cool early stage companies survive and then become successful. Sounds easy? It’s not. You need a weird set of people with some peculiar talents. We are both weird and peculiar. Spectacularly so after a scotch or two, but that’s best left to Leslie’s social channels.

Not Turgid

Here’s the deal. Most marketing firms are awful. They are populated by turgid people that think too much of themselves. We’d love to get the chance to be turgid every now and again, but we move too fast for such indulgences. So that’s the adjective to describe us — ‘non-turgid’.

Not Just Marketing, Creative Funding Too

It suddenly hit us about six years ago that our supernatural (and definitely non-turgid) marketing skills are fine and dandy, but it also comes in quite handy if clients have money. Yes, cold, hard funding. It took us another six years to actually do something about it.

So now we help clients raise money. How? By making intros to angels and VCs, by primping and preening pitch decks, and by polishing business models until they are blindingly fundable.

And then, Quite a Bit of the Other

Startups get stretched in all sorts of compromising directions. We get all bendy with them. More precisely, we fill a lot of holes. Biz dev needs bolstering? No prob. Customer support getting squeezed? We’re there. Need help jump-starting your car? We’ve got the cables. We often may not know what the hell we are doing, but you will NEVER fault us for lack of effort.

Why put ourselves through this? We love equity and cash (deferrable), have had exits, and probably should know better. Of course, we also love startups, blah, blah, blah.

Our Captivating List of Services

Its been lauded in top fashion magazines, celebrated in the highest echelons of government, and copied by sniveling bastards at other marketing firms. Yes, it’s our inspiring list of services. Pour yourself an horchata, grab another slice of cheese-in-the-crust pizza, curl up and enjoy our list of services:

  • Set marketing strategies: Develop positioning platforms that help build credibility and awareness with key audiences
  • Architect brand experiences: Create a market presence that represents the company’s mission, values, and voice
  • Build marketing programs: Establish the processes, teams and initiatives that are essential for a fast growth venture
  • Drive demand: Support customer acquisition from channel identification and testing, through to engagement
  • Raise funding: Develop relationships with angels, VCs, and institutional investors


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