Want to know what really gets our goat? Idiotic, pompous, self-absorbed content from creative and marketing agencies promoting themselves. Stand up and be counted — join us on our mission to expose this nonsense and rid the world of this sludge forever.

To help the process along, we are proud to announce our BS Rating Guide — kind of like Michelin stars for crap:

One pile: Bollocks
Two piles: You’ve got to be kidding?
Three piles: You should be ashamed of yourself
Four stars: Possible felony?
Five stars: Hall of Fame Turdiness

Here’s the initial entries…

The BS Marketing Awards

Because even absolute crap deserves to be celebrated


Beyond pretentious, self-absorbed crap, there’s a higher plane. One so powerfully riddled with cliched and unoriginal thinking that it transcends all bounds of human decency. We call it ‘Gratuitous Use of the Word Ecosystem’. All those featured below in this category automatically earn our coveted Five Star designation.

Not just gratuitous use of The Word, but here we are confronted with “…modern connected ecosystems”. Excellent. Inspiring. Magnificently bullshitty. Located on Ocean Park Santa Monica, one can only hope that this creative firm is directly under Harrison Ford’s flight path.

So how exactly do you “embrace chaos”?? “Fight the power”??? Maybe by grabbing a needy psychopath, supping a few craft beers from your local El Segundo craft brewery, and then indulging in a HR-baiting grope session? All while battling the man and being naughty by writing on the wall?

I can feel a large BM forming.


“…our philosophy of guanxi”??? Guanxi??? I’m sure the Chinese philosophers that invented this concept would be thrilled to know that it is being shamelessly mis-used for self-aggrandizement by a bunch of millennial hacks at this creative firm in San Francisco.


This bloated garbage comes from a content marketing firm in El Segundo. Nice to see they have zeroed in on ‘humans’ as their primary canvas…